MOOC∣北京大学施正宇副教授Chinese Characters for Beginner(II)
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  • MOOC∣北京大学施正宇副教授Chinese Characters for BeginnerII


    汉字难学?No no no.拥有北京大学MOOC课程《汉字》(2),你将轻轻松松掌握240个基础汉字及相关词汇,一点一滴,提升汉语水平。

    Is it widely believed that Chinese charactersare difficult? Well, it is no longer the case. Step by step, the new MOOC course Chinese Characters for Beginner (II) will provide you with 240 elementary characters and their possible combinations and expressions, which will enlarge your vocabulary and thus improve your Chinese proficiency.



    The teacher of this course is our amiable Ms. Shi Zhengyu. Welcome Ms. Shi with……her dear lovely dogs!


    As a teacher of the School of Chinese as a Second Language at PKU, Ms. Shi has had more than 20 years of experience in teaching Chinese characters to overseas students.


    Look, thisis Ms. Shi in her class.


    Ms. Shi is an expert in Chinese Character Studies, and is the author of more than 30 papers, several monographs (e.g. Origins of Chinese Characters, PKU Press) and textbooks (e.g. Bridge to Chinese Characters, PKU Press) in this area.


    This course will help you memorize 240 elementary characters and their useful compound words and expressions.


    Each new character is presented with both pinyin and English translation. Beautiful illustrations are provided to make learning interesting.


    Corresponding exercises are provided for each lesson, and a test follows each unit of 4 lessons. The textbook Chinese Characters (II) that goes with the MOOC will soon be published by the Commercial Press.



    Long press this QR code below to join in this wonderful course.


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